device_data_union Union Reference

A union of all possible device data structures. More...

#include <owwl.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

owwl_data_temperature temperature
owwl_data_humidity humidity
owwl_data_wind wind
owwl_data_rain rain
owwl_data_gpc gpc
owwl_data_barometer barom
owwl_data_solar solar
owwl_data_psb psb
owwl_data_diode diode
owwl_data_grt grt
owwl_data_cryo cryo
owwl_data_heater heater
owwl_data_resistance resistance
owwl_data_floats floats

Detailed Description

A union of all possible device data structures.

Member Data Documentation

owwl_data_barometer device_data_union::barom

Barometer data

owwl_data_cryo device_data_union::cryo

Cryo data

owwl_data_diode device_data_union::diode

Diode thermometer data

owwl_data_floats device_data_union::floats

Array of floats

owwl_data_gpc device_data_union::gpc

General-purpose counter data

owwl_data_grt device_data_union::grt

GRT data

owwl_data_heater device_data_union::heater

Heater voltage data

owwl_data_humidity device_data_union::humidity

Humidity data

owwl_data_psb device_data_union::psb

Polarization-sensitive bolometer data

owwl_data_rain device_data_union::rain

Rain data

owwl_data_resistance device_data_union::resistance

Resistance (of an RTD)

owwl_data_solar device_data_union::solar

Solar data

owwl_data_temperature device_data_union::temperature

Temperature data

owwl_data_wind device_data_union::wind

Wind data

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