owwl_data_gpc Struct Reference
[Device Types]

Structure to hold general-purpose counter data. More...

#include <owwl.h>

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Public Attributes

unsigned int gpc_count
time_t gpc_reset_time
float gpc_calibrated
float gpc_rate
float gpc_delta

Detailed Description

Structure to hold general-purpose counter data.

Member Data Documentation

float owwl_data_gpc::gpc_calibrated

GPC count * calibration factor since reset

unsigned int owwl_data_gpc::gpc_count

GPC monotonic counter value - counts

float owwl_data_gpc::gpc_delta

Change in gpc_calibrated since last reading

float owwl_data_gpc::gpc_rate

GPC count rate - counts / second

time_t owwl_data_gpc::gpc_reset_time

Time of last GPC reset

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