owwl Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
device_data_unionA union of all possible device data structures
owwl_bufferStructure used to build transmit (server) data stream
owwl_client_Structure used to hold client connexion data
owwl_connStructure used to hold connexion data
owwl_data_Structure used to hold a data item
owwl_data_barometerStructure to hold barometer data
owwl_data_cryoStructure to hold calibrated cryogenic thermometer data
owwl_data_diodeStructure to hold diode thermometer data
owwl_data_floatsStructure to hold device data - general floats
owwl_data_gpcStructure to hold general-purpose counter data
owwl_data_grtStructure to hold GRT device data
owwl_data_heaterStructure to hold heater voltage data
owwl_data_humidityStructure to hold hygrometer data
owwl_data_psbStructure to hold PSB device data
owwl_data_rainStructure to hold rain data
owwl_data_resistanceStructure to hold resistance data
owwl_data_solarStructure to hold solar sensor data
owwl_data_temperatureStructure to hold thermometer data
owwl_data_windStructure to hold wind data
owwl_server_Structure used to hold server data

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