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Java Oww Client, for MIDP 2 mobile phones

jowwl – this is a Java version of my owwl library for communicating with the binary protocol that oww uses. I've stuck to classes available both in J2ME and J2SE to make this useful for both environments.

If you're a user, don't bother about jowwl - it's built into the binary release of…

OwwClientJ2ME – this is a Java J2ME midlet for devices (such as more recent mobile phones) that run MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1. With this installed, so long as your device permits socket connexions over the Internet, you can read your weather station data remotely, with live updates.

To install OwwClientJ2ME you can either go through the normal Sourceforge download page, or take your phone's browser to this .jad file [version 1.0.3, 2006-05-13].

So far this is only tested on the SonyEricsson K700i. I'd appreciate reports of go/no-go on other devices.

You can also get the source jars from Sourceforge download, or use CVS.

OwwCLientJ2ME running on my K700i
Screen grab from the emulator
Phone comptatibility table
Vendor Model Status Notes
Nokia 6230 Works 4-way key mapping is Ok from 1.0.3
Qtek 9100 Installation problem  Could not install the midlet
RIM BlackBerry 7100, 7290, 8700 Working  
Siemens M65 Working  
SonyEricsson K700i Working  
SonyEricsson K750i Working  
Treo 650 Working  
Working Install Java runtime.
Install midlet through the jad link.
HTC P3300 Working

If you can help with advice on those installation problems I'll be glad to pass it on. If you can add a new table entry please tell me.

[Linux] TAI 8570 Barometer
zip C source code and binary for reading from an AAG TAI-8570 barometer. The code builds with the Dallas PD distribution (ulinuxgnu300). To build the source, copy into the Dalsemi directory and type:
make linux
Version 1.02 - automatic TAI-8570 detection improved
2004-04-09 Updated makefile for final Dallas 300 version
RISC OS Extras
zip Alternative Sprites file (thanks to Mark J.).
Includes a ringcol definition to use with it. Logo    SUMMARY  · PROJECTS  · SIMON  · MELHUISH.INFO