Oww CWOP guide

CWOP - Citizen Weather Observer Program

The Citizen Weather Observer Program is a system set up to publish your weather data for use by many interested weather services. The data is uploaded via APRS-IS to a number of servers where it is checked for consistency with other local data and then distributed to users. If you would like to get involved with CWOP then you should read the CWOP information page, at

and get your CWOP id. Next, enter your id and password in the upload section of the setup dialogue, and enable CWOP upload. If you have not been given a password then just use the default value of -1. The data will still be accepted with the default password. Your correct latitude and longitude are also required before the data will be uploaded. Note that these are entered as decimal values, with north and east positive.

If you are using owwnogui, the tags you will need to change in the setup file are cwopon (set to 1), cwopuser and cwopserver.

You should now be ready to go. Give oww a couple of cycles to read the data and upload it to the server and then go to the following URL:<cwop_id>&last=24

where <cwop_id> should be replaced with your id. If everything worked fine then your data should be displayed along with a radar map of the area (US only). If the data and location look correct then you should contact Russ Chadwick ( to let him know your id, altitude, and that everything is looking good.

More information on the CWOP program:

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