AndOwwClient — Oww Client for Android

AndOwwClient is an Owwl client for Android. Owwl is the data protocol used by Oww and TC04 cryogenic controllers.

AndOwwClient has been tested on Android 2.2 and 2.3 hardware platforms, and various of the emulators. I am interested to hear any reports of success or failure.

AndOwwClient is released under the terms of GPL v.3.


I hope you will find AndOwwClient quite straightforward to use! There are just two screens:

The main screen
This shows your live Oww data.
The bookmarks screen
This provides a list of servers you have stored, for convenience.

A the main screen enter the name or IP address of your server in the box. You can connect straight away by tapping the connect / disconnect button, or you can enter the server into your bookmarks by tapping the bookmarks button. Once on the bookmarks screen tap the bookmark button to confirm entry. You may tap an x button to remove a bookmark. Tap a bookmark to connect and return to the main screen.

At the main screen you will see your data displayed in a table. To change units do a long tap over the unit and make your choice from the list that pops up. To disconnect from a server tap the disconnect button.

Main screen Bookmarks screen
Main screen Bookmarks screen

The Owwl protocol was designed to be low on data volume. Nevertheless, I suggest you disconnect from your server when you're not viewing, to save on usage costs. The app should do this anyway when it goes into the background, but I can't guarantee anything. You use this app at your own risk!


See the AndOwwCLient files directory.

Direct link to apk file: