Unit Class Enumeration
[Data Units]


enum  owwl_unit_class_enum {
  owwl_unit_class_unknown = -1, owwl_unit_class_dimensionless = 0, owwl_unit_class_time, owwl_unit_class_count,
  owwl_unit_class_count_rate, owwl_unit_class_length, owwl_unit_class_length_rate, owwl_unit_class_speed,
  owwl_unit_class_temperature, owwl_unit_class_pressure, owwl_unit_class_direction, owwl_unit_class_humidity,
  owwl_unit_class_voltage, owwl_unit_class_muvoltage, owwl_unit_class_nanocurrent, owwl_unit_class_cryo,
 An enumeration used to specify the class of unit associated with a data stream. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum owwl_unit_class_enum

An enumeration used to specify the class of unit associated with a data stream.

owwl_unit_class_unknown  Unknown unit class
owwl_unit_class_dimensionless  For dimensionless data streams - no unit
owwl_unit_class_time  A time value
owwl_unit_class_count  A count
owwl_unit_class_count_rate  A count rate
owwl_unit_class_length  A length, e.g. inches
owwl_unit_class_length_rate  A length rate, e.g. inches per hour
owwl_unit_class_speed  A speed, e.g. mph
owwl_unit_class_temperature  A temperature, e.g. degrees C
owwl_unit_class_pressure  A pressure, e.g. mBar
owwl_unit_class_direction  A direction, e.g. as a bearing from north, in degrees
owwl_unit_class_humidity  A humidty
owwl_unit_class_voltage  A Voltage
owwl_unit_class_muvoltage  A Voltage in micro volts
owwl_unit_class_nanocurrent  A current in nano amps
owwl_unit_class_cryo  A cryogenic temperature
owwl_unit_class_resistance  A resistance (from an RTD)

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