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Welcome to the home of One-wire weather (Oww), a RISC OS or Linux interface to the Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire weather station.

Please note that this software is mostly for Unix variants and RISC OS
Only Oww Client and Oww Log are available for Windows Logo Sourceforge project summary page:

Latest Versions:
Unix 0.86.2
RISC OS 0.82.1 Download

Recent News

AndOwwClient — An Oww Client for Android

If you have an Android device you can now try my Android client to connect to Oww.

Main screen

0.86.2 – New Feature

Now compatible with the Hobbyboards soil moisture and leaf wetness sensors.

Soil moisture / leaf wetness board

New command (when running "owwnogui -i"):


This is a means of providing device-specific setup. Currently two devices will accept special commands - the soil moisture / leaf wetness sensor and the WSI603A weather instrument.

For a soil moisture / leaf wetness sensor choose the device when presented with the list. You will then be asked to select a channel and the channel sensor type.

For a WSI603A you are asked for the LED mode, level and threshold values (when required). This lets you turn off the LEDs from Oww.

Working on Raspberry Pi

Following reports of success with owwnogui on the Raspberry Pi I thought I'd have a go myself.

Version 0.86.1 – Bug Fix

UV sensors now saved to / read from the devices file.

Version 0.86.0 – New Feature – Read DS2760 (TAI8560) as a thermocouple

A few versions back I added support for the TAI8560, but just as a general ADC. I have now added support for thermocouple readout. See the calibration page for information on thermocouple settings.

I have also renamed and altered the units for the ADC function.

Owwl protocol now handles the new data types.

I have changed the mechanism for generating the GTK user interface.

The glade file (which is xml) is now distributed with oww, and is read-in at start up to construct the GUI. If you like you can mess around with the file using glade3.

Version 0.85.1 – Bug Fix

This version fixes a bug in uploads to Wunderground &c, introduced with 0.85.0.

Version 0.85.0 – New Feature - Support for Hobby Boards UVI sensor (UVI2-R1-A)

Oww can now read UVI from the UVI2-R1-A sensor.

UVI board

Also I have made an improvement to T reading from the AAG WSI603 weather station. Please let me know how well this works for you.


I just received a BeagleBone (for a project at work):

Naturally I had a go with Oww. After installing a few developer packages (using the opkg system - much like ipkg on Optware) building owwnogui natively on the BeagleBone was quite straight-forward. The kernel driver for the AAG TAI603B was already installed, so no problem. Even a DS9490R works.


Just thought I'd share this news, as the BeagleBoard makes a neat little embedded computer. Its abilities go way beyond running a little thing like Oww of course.

Version 0.84.0 – New Feature - WOW Upload

This version adds upload capability for the UK Met Office WOW format. Please see the WOW home page for registering your station.

New setup/setupNG lines will look like this:

httpwowid [Your ID]
httpwowpin [Your PIN]
httpwowon 1

N.B. Corrected 2011-11-23

This will upload to WOW on each log update.

I have also changed the number formatting for uploads.

Version 0.83.3 – Bug fixes.

This release addresses a problem with USB and 32-bit architectures. The previous bug fix for time-keeping had the unfortunate side-effect of stopping USB operations waiting long enough to complete.

There is still an issue with libusb on Optware, as a patch for digitemp has made it imcopatible with Oww. Please use libusb - 0.1.12-1

WSI603B Working with Standard Driver

I recently upgraded my Linux PC to openSUSE 11.3, and I've found that they have adopted the cp210x open-source driver (currently version 0.09). This works "as shipped" with the WSI603B! I presume other distributions will be following suit.

Version 0.83.1

This is a bug-fix release. Please update to this version as 1-wire performance can be pretty ropey with the previous version on some set-ups.

Version 0.83.0

There are several updates in this release:

Thanks for user contributions.

Please report any issues.

AAG WSI603B 1-wire Adaptor

The Silicon Labs CP2101 USB-to-serial adaptor used in the WSI603B is not well-supported under Linux. The un-patched kernel driver doesn't seem to work. You can try this patch from Paul Erkkila which he has kindly allowed me to post here.

Version 0.82.2 – Bug fixes.

This has a couple of bug fixes, including sending the correct user name and password for Ham Weather uploads. Statistics reset is a bit more sensible for 1-shot operation now.

Version 0.82.1 – Bug fixes.

The main changes affect cwop, swapping two of the rain statistics.

A change to the statistics reset scheme should help 1-shot operation.

I've fed the latest changes into the RISC OS version, but note that I don't recommend using the WUnderground fast update on RISC OS, as there is a memory leak using the http fetcher module.

0.82.0 – Bug fixes and new features.

There are changes for USB 1-wire adapters, new parser output for daily rainfall, support for the DS2760, rapid updates to wunderground.

More details may be found on the News page.

0.81.9 – Bug fix

This (Linux) version fixes a bug in Web uploading.

0.81.8 – Swap to libcurl

This new release brings several bug fixes. But the biggest change, for the Linux version, is that I have swapped from libghttp to libcurl for http uploads. This works much more reliably – libghttp had a nasty habbit of locking up if the network connexion failed during an upload.

OwwClientJ2ME for Mobile Phones

OwwCLientJ2ME running on my K700i Read your weather station data on a mobile phone!
Updated 2006-05-13, version 1.0.3
Screen grab from the emulator

Added support for DS1923 hygrochron


Oww now runs on the NSLU2 (Slug).

See the News page item, or

Skip to the hardware page.

Oww Overview

What is Oww?
Oww is a software project, to communicate with the Dallas 1-wire weather station and other 1-wire sensors, presenting live weather readings, logging data to file, uploading data to weather Web sites, and sending data to other programs through a command line interface.
Weather Station Oww window
1-wire weather station on test !Oww window
Operating systems
Oww works with the following operating systems:

Oww Client

Oww Client is a graphical client for Oww.

Oww Log

Oww Log is a logger daemon for Oww data.


One of my previous projects (ThermIIC) used I²C to read values from thermometer ICs. Partly because of the trouble of using the I²C bus over long distances, I recently became interested in the Dallas 1-wire bus. This was used in some RISC OS machines to communicate with the unique machine id chip. To make things fun for us experimenters, Dallas have produced a weather station kit, using the 1-wire bus.

The article

Some time ago I wrote an article about Oww for Acorn User. In the event they let me down, so I have made it available for free, in full, online. Please note that I cannot provide any support for the associated software. Recently I wrote a new article, which was published in Archive.

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